Rimaniamo Al Buio


As the city of Berlin fills with life, two lovers linger in bed, hoping to make their intimacy last forever. Images and sounds collide in a cacophonous symphony of love. 

Shot on location on 16mm film.

Created for the Bookciak 2024 competition.

Writer, director, editor: Nicolò Grasso

Inspired by: "L'inizio dell'inverno" from "La Grande Nevicata" by Federico Italiano (ed. Donzelli Poesia)

Featuring: "Zum Einschlafen Zu Sagen" by Rainer Maria Rilke

Cinematography: Ege Elbir

Starring: Josie & Karmann, with the voice of Lara Noel Pflicke

Intimacy coordinator: Evgeniia Skvortsova

Kodam 16mm film developed by Andec Cinegrell Filmtechnik Berlin